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Bicentennial Walk - Airlie Beach

Posted by Top Parks on 5 May 2018

Bicentennial Walk Airlie Beach
The Bicentennial Walkway at Airlie Beach is a roughly 4 kilometre long waterfront walk that showcases some wonderful coastal views of this part of Queensland. Specially constructed as part of the 1988 Australian Bicentennial Celebrations, the board walk provides a safe walking track, meandering along the shoreline, giving walkers some of the best coastal views to be found anywhere in the world. The gorgeous coastal walk comes with a refreshing sea breeze that makes it enjoyable even on those hot old days, the Bicentennial Walk stretches from Airlie Beach's lagoon through to the sands of Cannonvale Beach; walkers can expect to spend around 45 minutes when doing the full walk at a leisurely pace. It's a very well planned and maintained walk that sees plenty of traffic between both locals and visitors alike, offering wonderful outlooks both to the open water, and of the Abell Point Marina at around the halfway point along with its many extravagant yachts and other vessels.

The walk features several cafes, restaurants and bars along the way that make for good spots for a bite to eat or drop to drink, while walkers will also have the opportunity to spot marine life such as fish and turtles by gazing down into the water as the pathway follows the waterline throughout almost the entire walk. The Bicentennial Walk is also a great choice for photographers or travellers wanting some top travel snaps - particularly at sunset so, take some great photos and "stop to smell the roses".
 Given it's entirely free, it's something every visitor should do during their time in Airlie Beach.

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