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TOP Whale Watching Spots Across Australia

Posted by Top Parks on 13 Aug 2018

Looking to have a whale of a time? Discover Australia's best destinations to see these magical creatures of the sea. 

Busselton, WA


Did you know that the south west of Western Australia has the longest whale watching season in the country? Down by Geographe Bay from September to early December, humpback and southern right calves are swimming to their summer home of Antarctica. November is an extra special time of year to watch the whales, though – if you are lucky, you might even spot a blue whale close to the coast. While you are here, why not take in a wine tour to sample some of the Geographe region’s best reds?

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Warrnambool, VIC


Logans Beach in Warrnambool is famously the best place in Victoria to watch southern right whales nursing their young. The nursery waters are incredibly close to shore, with whales coming as close as a hundred meters to shore during calving season! Want to know how long these gentle giants can hold their breath? (Read here for more fun facts: whales). Why not complete your visit by heading to Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village, a heritage listed town that’s a step back into the 1870s.

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Eden, NSW


Take a cruise off the Sapphire Coast to see humpback whales heading south from the tropical waters of Queensland. The Eden Whale Festival at the end of October is the best time to get into whale season, with a parade, fantastic food stalls, live shows and more. Keen on a history less? The Killer Whale Museum provides a great insight into our whaling past complete with stunning views over the harbour.

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Victor Harbour, SA


Image: The Causeway, Victor Harbour; Credit: Michael Haines & South Australian Tourism Commission 

South Aussies: bundle up, grab your binoculars and head to the coast! Victor Harbor, just an hour’s drive south of Adelaide, is the best place in the state to watch southern right whales loafing, travelling, courting and breaching off the coast. Why not start the day with a visit to the South Australian Whale Centre before heading over to the Encounter Marine Park to set up to watch these special creatures in action.

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Hervey Bay, QLD


Hervey Bay is a unique spot to find whales because they aren’t just passing through – they’re having a solid break to rest and play! They can stay for up to ten days around Hervey Bay before moving on to the next leg of their journey. Hop over to Fraser Island to catch a glimpse of humpback whales teaching their calves how to do all the important stuff, like blowhole spurting! Similar to Eden, Hervey Bay hosts an annual Oceans Festival in August with live concerts, stalls, conservation talks and more.

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Choose whale watching as your next reason for a holiday and explore somewhere new. Wherever you decide to go, there's always a Top Park closeby. 


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