Park Features

Below is a key list of park features that may be available at our parks. Before booking, make sure to check with the individual park for a specific list of available features.


Animals which have been domesticated. Normally applies to dogs and cats. Permitted at the discretion of the park operator. Conditions may apply, e.g. not in on-site accommodation.

Pets Not
Sorry, no pets are allowed at this park.
Pets Allowed
Sites only
Your family pets are welcome to stay at this park! (Sites only)
Pets Allowed
Sites & Cabin(s)*
Your family pets are welcome to stay at this park! (Sites & Cabin/s*)


Top Parks which carry either of these accreditation program endorsement logos are committed to providing excellent customer service and a high standard of business management.

As you travel, look for either of these accreditation logos as a commitment to quality.

this Park is accredted this park is an accredted caravan or holiday park

Airconditioning & Heating

Cooling or heating units installed to make living conditions pleasant for travellers who hire accommodation.

Accessible Amenities Block

Contains toilet cubicle and shower/bathroom facility fitted with appropriate railing.

Arid Zone

Park surrounds such as lawns and shade may be influenced by the hot, dry and conditions.


Gas or electric. Fees may apply.

Boat Ramp

Available for the launching of water craft.

Camp Kitchen

Building containing cooking, facilities, food preparing area, refrigerator, sink.


As per Ensuite Cabin except no bathroom facilities. Required to use park amenities.

Ensuite Cabins

Cabin with bathroom facilities generally under the same roof. Facilities to include shower, toilet and hand-basin. Equipped with Cutlery & crockery, cooktop, television, refrigerator and/or microwave. Linen may be supplied or available for hire at a small fee. Cabin may include a spa.

Children's Playground

Contains an array of play equipment suitable for children.

Credit Card Facilities

Available for the payment of accounts or withdrawing cash. Includes Mastercard, Visa, Eftpos and Cheque. Conditions apply.

Powered Sites

A site with electricity supplied. Park amenities available.

Ensuite Powered Site

Electricity supplied to own van Has an ensuite bathroom with shower, toilet and hand-basin for sole use of that site.

Drive-Thru Powered Site

As per Powered Site except entrance/exit through the same site. No need to reverse van on to site. May have ensuite facilities.

Games Facilities

May include game/TV room, tennis court, volleyball, etc.

Inflatable Trampoline

Play equipment suitable for children.

Linen Hire

Includes sheets, pillow slips, towels. Available for hire from reception for a daily hire fee.

Non Smoking

Can be either ensuite or non-ensuite but do not allow smoking within the confines of the building.

Sewer Dump Point

For the deposit of effluent.


Retail items necessary for the traveller.

Shopping Facility

Businesses which retail goods and services.

Strictly Tourist Park

Do not have long term tenants. Al accommodation and sites available for the travelling public.

Swimming Pool

Either fresh or salt water may be heated. May also include heated spa.

Tent Sites

Normally grassed area with no power supplied. Park amenities available.

Tourist Information

Information available for touring, sightseeing etc. Includes brochures, maps, directories, guides, time tables etc.


Internet and email facilities available.

Internet Access

Internet access. Usage fees may apply.

Wireless Internet Access

Wireless hot spot. Usage fees may apply.

Motor Homes

Have sites for motorhomes. Specified maximum length in meters.