Have a Whale of a Time This Spring!

Published 29 Sep 2017 by Top Parks  | Last Updated: 29 Sep 2017

Have a Whale of a Time This  Spring!

Brisbane Whale Watching, Brisbane, QLD

Those majestic creatures from the cold Antarctic waters, the Humpback and Southern Right whales, have been north to mate, have their babies and, like a lot of us, escape the southern winter.

Now it is time for whales to take their new families back to cooler seas for the summer, which gives us another opportunity to watch them as they make this long journey home.
Whale watching is fascinating. You can't help but be thrilled and a bit overwhelmed by these enormous animals and, fortunately, the species we see have been brought back from low numbers and are now thriving. Tens of thousands of them make their annual trek north in the Autumn and early winter and can be seen from the shores of the east and west coasts of Australia, as well as across the Southern Ocean, which gives us plenty of spots to see them.

If you wanted to catch them but thought it was too late this year, think again. They migrate south up until November, so wherever you are, you can find a reasonably close location to watch them swim past.
Some places are better than others, and are well known for whale watching boat tours. Areas like Hervey Bay in Queensland are havens for mother whales giving birth and then teaching their babies all the tricks of the whale world. Sheltered bays protect the young but they need to be trained before they make that big trip home. Fraser Coast Top Tourist Park or Rainbow Beach Holiday Village are ideal parks to base yourself for cruising.
We have found some of the best areas to see the whales, but there are many more. Book yourself into a Top Parks cabin for a weekend, or hitch up the van, pack the motor home, pull out the tent, whatever it takes, and settle into a Top Park for a few days of the best sightseeing you can have.
The whales leave Hervey Bay and other Queensland locations to travel down the coast of New South Wales. Whale watching tours are plentiful and are the best way to see the whales up close. Boats are not allowed to go too close, but the whales will come over to check out the people, it cuts both ways obviously! However, you can also get a great view from cliff tops or beaches.
For northern beaches, stay at Discovery Parks Forster, a great Top Park to spend a few days close to the whales’ path. Follow them down the coast to Merimbula, stay at the Sapphire Valley Caravan Park and watch as the whales come in fairly close to shore.
Further down, Eden Gateway Holiday Park is the spot to stay. While there, visit the whaling museum, a history of grim times when whaling was a huge industry, but very informative about whales in general.
Once they get to Victoria, whales head to Tasmania. Lakes Entrance has three Top Parks to choose from, Eastern Beach Holiday Park is right on a magnificent stretch of coastline, or head for Warrnambool on Victoria's west coast, the whales seem to love it here.
On the opposite side of the country, the whales can be seen heading back to Antarctica, rounding the bottom corner of the continent at Augusta, where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet.  If you stay in Busselton, treat yourself by booking into a Top Resort Park at the Mandalay Holiday Resort Park or head further south to Margaret River and stay in one of our Top Holiday Parks - Margaret River Tourist Park, Riverview Tourist Park or Gracetown Caravan Park – all Top Parks only a short drive from Augusta.
Further around the coast, at Albany, Acclaim Rose Gardens Beachside Holiday Park is the Top Park to stay in. Here again is a whaling museum, well worth a visit, despite the reminder of the dark days of whaling.
One of the best places in all of Australia to observe these magnificent creatures is miles from anywhere. Head of Bight, on the Great Australian Bight, is in South Australia. When the whales visit here, it is one of the best sights you will ever see. The high cliffs of the Bight give an excellent view of the forty or fifty whales, mostly mothers and babies, that have used these waters forever to teach the skills the young ones need. You can stand for hours on the specially designed walk attached to the interpretive centre.
If you feel it is too late this year, and remember you have until November in many cases, plan your whale watching adventure for next year. Book a Top Park, break out the binoculars and camera and see either the trip north or south at the location that suits you best. Get ready for great viewing and never to be forgotten experiences.

Image courtesy Brisbane Marketing.