Luke's Story: My TOP Holiday In A Caravan Park

Published 05 Dec 2017 by Top Parks  | Last Updated: 05 Dec 2017


Luke describes learning to spin bowl in his video story below

Kids holidays are the greatest, aren’t they. Do you remember the camping and caravan adventures you had as a child? The friends, the fun, the freedom...

This is Luke’s story. He’s 8 years old. And he’s just experienced all that and more on a holiday at Top Parks...

Hi everyone, my name is Luke. I wanted to write this blog to tell you about my holiday so other kids know what it’s like to go on a holiday in a caravan park. 

It’s hard to believe but at first I was a bit nervous when Mum and Dad told me where we were going for the school holidays. I didn’t really know what a caravan park was, to be honest. 

They said there’d be lots of other kids to play with but I was worried they might not like me. When we arrived at the park, I saw them all playing soccer and I really wanted to join in! 

As soon as we unpacked the car, Dad said I could go and play. I walked over to the others with my little sister Natalia. Then someone kicked the ball up really high and it landed near me. 

I didn’t know who to kick it to but then this boy came over and spoke to me. His name was Aaron. I joined Aaron’s team, and Natalia sat on the picnic bench to eat her ice cream with one of the other girls. 

We played footy for ages, almost until dinner time! Then Mum came over and said it was time to eat. And I realised I was starving! 

Thankfully, we went grocery shopping on the way to the park and Dad had been busy getting it ready. When I got back to the cabin, the smell was incredible! Sausages, my favourite.

The next day, I showed Aaron some tricks on my bike. I told him how to do a bunny hop. I’ve been practising for ages at home - but for the first time, I almost did a 180 spin! It was awesome.

We were so hot after riding our bikes that we decided to go for a swim. The park actually had a pool - can you believe it? Aaron had this massive inflatable dolphin and we took turns to ride it. 

Mum saw us by the pool and she said Aaron and his sister Sophie could come over to our cabin for breakfast. I didn’t think my holiday could get any better, but then she said we were having pancakes - YUMMM!!

We did family stuff too on our holiday. Our dog Jack came with us so it was like being at home, only better! There were lots of forest trails we could take him for walks. And Dad showed me all these colourful birds I’d never seen before, which was cool.

Oh yeah, and I’ve just remembered, the man who gave us our cabin key was really REALLY tall. And he had the biggest cat I’ve ever seen - it looked like a baby lion! I don’t think she liked Jack very much.   

I had such a top holiday. I hope we get to go back to that caravan park next year. Maybe if lots of people read my kid blog, I’ll become a celebrity and they’ll give us the big cabin!

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